How to get a driving license in Riyadh

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Currently only Men are allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia :/
As a matter of fact Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world that prohibits women from driving! This post covers all the steps you need to take in order to obtain a new driving license in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Yes getting a driving license in Riyadh is easy! There are a number of driving schools here of which I recommend the “Dallah Driving School” which is considered most reliable.
This article "How to get a driving license in Riyadh" was last updated in 2013.

Location: Nakhil, Riyadh.
Tel: +966 11 450 7871


How to get a driving license in Riyadh 

Documents Required:

  1. Passport size photographs
  2. Original Iqama and a copy of it
  3. Passport Copy and Visa Copy
  4. Driving license of your native country
  5. Original Blood group report from any hospital. (You can also get this done from the Medical Lab outside the driving school for SR.30)

Now head to the Dallah Driving School located near Dallah Hospital on the King Fahad Highway. It’s best to reach the school early, by 8:00AM at least! Talk to someone you find in the school and they will be able to guide you with the rest of the procedures. So here goes…


  1. Go get your native driving license translated to Arabic. This can be done from any of the typing centers in front of the driving school. Charge: SR.45
  2. Next, get your file prepared. Submit all your documents at the File preparation center close by and get it done. Charge: SR.30
  3. Pay the License Fee. It’s SR.200 for FIVE years and SR.400 for a TEN years license. There are people ready to get this done on the spot through their mobile for SR.30. Else you can get the payment done through Riyadh Bank / Al Rajhi Bank against your iqama number.
  4. If you do not have your blood group report with you, go to the Medical lab. Charge: SR.30
  5. Enter the school with your file and go to Hall No.2 to get your Eye’s tested as well as your License checked.
  6. Now, Move on to Hall No.4 for the initial driving test. You will find Toyota Camry cars here. Get into the one assigned for you and put on your seat belt. Verify that your rear view mirror, hand brake and seat adjustment are right. Now, follow the instructors’ directions. Stay calm as this is just a simple test to check if you indeed know how to drive. You will be required to move the vehicle forward, reverse and by the roundabout. If you pass the Instructor signs an “I” alif on your form.
  7. If you’ve failed the test you will be asked to attend 15days of driving classes.
    If you’ve PASSED the test move on to Hall No.2 and pay SR100 for the instruction class that would be conducted on the same day. Your file will be held and you will be given a receipt instead which mentions the Hall number and the time of your instruction class. Be in time for this mandatory class where your will be briefed on the computer test.
  8. Go to Hall No.5 for the instruction class. You’ll be given a book/chart of traffic signs and rules when you attend the class. Your receipt will be stamped after the class and the date and time of the computer test will be announced, which would probably be the next day.
  9. To pass the computer test you have to get 15/20 right answers in case of private driving license and 18/20 correct in case of heavy driving license. All the Questions that appear on the touch screen will be Multiple Choice Questions. You get 30 minutes to complete the test. As soon as you get 15 right, the test ends and you will be congratulated!
  10. If you’ve cleared the computer test, you will be called immediately for the driving test. Stay cool and do your best. Go as per your examiners direction.
    • Put on your seat belt. Adjust the side and rear view mirrors.
    • Take off the hand brake and put the car in 1st gear and
    • Follow the signals, use the indicators wherever necessary and drive safely.
    • When parking, make sure you park straight.
    • Put on the double signals, the hand brake, and put the gear to neutral.
  11. Go back to the Hall where you waited for your computer test and wait for your result. In a while your name will be called out.
  12. If you pass, you’ll get your file back. Go with it to Hall No.1 and submit it there. In a couple of minutes your name will be called out and your driving license will be handed over.
  13. This is the time you put up a BIG smile on your face and congratulate yourself. No one knows you better than yourself and this definitely is BIG achievement, so KUDOS! :D
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  1. Hi,
    I am an Indian, planning to come to Jizan Saudi Arabia.
    With my Indian Driving license I also have a UK driving license. Will that be of any use in Jizan.
    Please help.

  2. Hi Adil,
    Thank You for visiting the site.
    Regarding your query, obtaining a Saudi driving license is not a difficult task and will only take a week.

    The 2 licenses you have are of no use in Saudi; hence you will have to go through the necessary license procedures from the scratch.

    However, if you are in Saudi on a Visit Visa you are permitted to drive if you hold a valid "International Driving License" and if on Residence visa, "Saudi Driving License" is a must.

  3. Anita,

    I was in Saudi Arabia on employment, got my driving license which is linked to the Iqama issued with that employer. Now I plan to visit saudi arabia on business visa. Can I drive with the saudi license I have?

    Is there a procedure to de-link driving license to Iqama and get it linked to Passport?

  4. hi, nearsightedness is qualified to get drivers license in saudi? but i have my eye glasses already.. thanks

  5. Myself Mohammed Shibu.Iam basically an Indian settled in Jeddah.Today Iam planning to apply the driving license in Saudi Arabia. I know the procedure to apply.But I need a small clarification regarding the driving license Iam holding in India. My Indian driving license is not a card but a book. It was issued by govt of India in 2003.Some of my friends are telling that Saudi govt will not accept the book.They will accept only card.It is very important for me to take the driving license in days.Kindly suggest a solution

  6. Hi I am on work visit visa my question is can I able to drive a car in saudi on my GCC license. Please I need urgent information on this. thanks


  7. I have a valid minnesota driver license and I want to visit Dubai, UAE so can I use my license there?

  8. If someone fails in getting the license then what would happend to his fees he submitted (200 or 400 SAR) for license fee?

  9. The Fees you pay is non-refundable!

  10. Hi, what is the procedure if I had no license from my home country

    1. Even if you don't have home country license , no problem, they will give you minimum 5 days school.

  11. no problem... even they don't your Indian license . its not a mandatory requirement.

  12. hello, if i am given a 5days driving school due to "no home country license". do anyone have an idea how much are the fees to be added in the regular fees. thank you

  13. if i have a home country license but it is expired, can i still get it translated and submit?

  14. Thanks for d valuable information:-)

  15. Pls let me know the procedure, if anyone holds a driving licence from other GCC countries, say UAE and/or Kuwait.

    thank you very much

    1. You have the option of handing over your existing driving license in exchange for the new license. In that case you will only have to attend a minimum number of classes.

  16. Please help me. .. my license and (estimara) car registration have been given to the other person by the traffic police in khurais road riyadh.. how can I get back my license and estimara?

  17. Sir , please provide me the saudi driving computer test questions and answers

  18. HI,
    Im Necson, i failed computer test once, I want to ask if I can Delay the computer question in How many times??coz some of the question not remember. on thursday have another chance, please help.



  20. Hii Anita,
    This is pradip with you from India actually I have Indian heavy licence. For 4 wheeler and wheeler,
    Here I'm working with panda in operation department but I want to take private car licence for driving for 2yrs only so how much should i pay for that..

    Your reply is highly appreciated

    Pradip Aghav


  21. How c an I take again my drivers licence in saudi arabia whats the requirements.

  22. I dont have a license on my foreign country? is the driving lesson training fee still 100 sar?

  23. monday to sunday dallah scholl is open? i would like to inquire

  24. I m failed computer exam.i need driving license emergency. Plz anyone know help me . 0545025494 its my number

  25. Hi everyone. I don't have driving license because I don't know how to drive. May I ask if I can get driving license here in Saudi Arabia? How many days should I take the driving lesson and what are the requirements? Please help me. I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

  26. Is there any drive test in dallah for automatic car, because I only knows how to drive a automatic only please help

  27. I only knows driving a automatic car, is there any test drive in dallah using automatic car only

  28. is there an easiest way on how to get the saudi driving license or we can say, i will pay the cost to have the driving license without doing anything? please help me for this. i'm here at jubail and i need a driving license. im not a good driver especially the manual and that's the reason i dont like to go to the proper process.

  29. Dear i haven't my native country license with it can i apply for it. And then what's the requirements for it.

  30. I'm RAJ. I don't have indian license. but i know very well driving. now also am driving a car in riyadh without license. am willing to get saudi license. but i don't have indian driving license. so how to apply saudi license without indian license and also tell me cost. thanks in advance.

  31. how many hours for schooling????

  32. I want driving school I am indain I have no INDIA diving license I want driving school Saudi Arabia only Passport copy Saudi Arabia permit card onee

  33. if i fail in three consecutive tests. what is the next thing?
    Do i need to apply in a new file? waiting for your reply. Thanks in advance

  34. hai this is kamalbasha my brother is an a driver he had 6 years experience in driving in 10 viller he has from india can u please help me the visa in saudi arebia can u please arrange visa

  35. What if my drivers license in my country is expired?can this affect my application?

  36. Hello Anita, I am a Filipino crane operator here in riyadh, how can l avail a license as crane operator. Pls. give me an idea. Thanks a lot.

  37. HI, Hello Anita, I have knowledge in automatic driving their a possibility to get a driving test here in Riyadh in automatic car driving? thanks.

  38. What if you dont have a driving license in india and want a license in saudi arab. Is it possible.
    Because i dont have a car license in india but shifting soon to riyadh. Please reply

  39. Good morning.
    I just want to know if the driving test is a MANUAL mandatory or we can choose Automatic... please reply. I am here in Riyadh

    thank you.

  40. Hi, My Saudi License was suspended in Bahrain before 3 months.
    how can i retrieve it

  41. I have failed 4 times in my final test, now they requested to pay 435 riyal, this money for what?

  42. AOA, i have paid 200 SAR for 05 years driving license fee and pass first try and has been given date for final test. now if i deposit 200 SAR more, will it be converted to 10 years driving license. please advise

  43. I have singapore valid driving license, can I do conversion to Saudi driving license without going for a test? If yes, can share the procedure.

  44. dear,
    website author
    Driving is easy. If we know how to drive, we might never have any accidents on road. Isn't this right? No, this is wrong.
    see more at : driving school

  45. sir i have auttomatic driving licence can i drive manual car in saudi arabia?.


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