Public Park at the King Abdul-Aziz Historical Center (KAHC) in Riyadh

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The KAHC is an enormously huge complex that’s around 3 million square feet with renovated historic buildings constructed in honor of King Abdul Aziz Ibn Abdul Rahman Al-Saud - the man who found the modern Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. If you haven’t been here yet, this place is a must visit!

Location: Riyadh - Al-Muraba - King Abdul Aziz - Batha Water Tank
Coordinates: 24° 38′ 50″ N, 46° 42′ 39″ E

This historical center has within it a beautifully landscaped park where people enjoy spending their evenings. Located at the center of the busy city this park, also known as the “Museum Park” is one of its kinds in Riyadh. The first time I visited the place I was in awe with all the greenery. Lush gardens with picturesque trees are one of the views you get to see here!

I’ve come across a number of parks in Riyadh but this is one of the few that’s well maintained. Other than greenery there are fancy water streams with built in slabs for kids to sit, get wet and play. It’s a warm feeling to watch the toddlers have fun at this section. An instant stress buster!

The spectacular waterfall passage is another highlight. Walking through it is simply exciting! Somewhere around it you will come across a pontoon attached to a rope pulley that kids use to rope their way to the other side. No worries - It’s Safe! The children manage to do this pretty well themselves. You can watch the video here.

There is a really spacious open court too where families gather up and watch their little ones play. What you see in the snap shot above is just a corner portion of the actual court. This place is usually packed during weekends and if you come over the Eid holidays you are most likely to find stage shows being organized at this spot.

Apart from the park KAHC holds a whole lot of other Interesting things to explore too.
  • The National Museum
  • Kids Fair with a variety of rides and a mini food court
  • Water Tower
  • Traditional sand-colored mud brick buildings
  • Al Murabba Palace
  • King Abdul Aziz Mosques
  • King Abdul Aziz Public Library and
  • King Abdul Aziz Auditorium

The National Museum
The Museum strives to inspire its visitors to learn about the Saudi Arabian history through interactive touch-screens and videos. If you are keen to learn the historic artifacts of Saudi Arabia, you will find this place really interesting! Please check the official website above for more details. The entrance fee is SR10 for Adults. It’s free for Students & children and it’s open for Families from Sun-Fri, 3:30 to 9:30 PM.
Note: It’s closed on Saturdays for maintenance.

Thumbs up to the entire crew who worked on the KAHC project, It’s Amazing!

P.S: The author has no commercial interest in any of the companies mentioned.
The information is as up-to-date as possible at the time of writing.

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