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Below is a list of all known private and international schools prevailing in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia that serves children from Kindergarten to grade 12 (K-12). Those looking out for teaching jobs, check out the contact numbers, email and website address  mentioned against each school, most of the websites listed have a career section included.

The most important question when it comes to education in the Gulf is the Cost. Most employers will pick up fees for one or two children; hence it’s always advisable to negotiate and get the school fees added into the remuneration package before you even sign the contract. Also check with the schools as some of them even offer discount packages for those enrolling 3 or more children.

It is essential that every school in the kingdom is to be licensed by the Ministry of Education. If not, it may be closed down in mid-year. Hence before enrolling your kids in any school, ask to see the Ministry of Education License. A non-refundable application fee is a standard procedure for most schools and some even require a seat deposit per student.

The description mentioned against each school here is just a synopsis from the schools official website! Please check out the respective schools website for more details. Schooling can cost up to SR 25000 p.a. per child. Make an appointment to tour the schools which interest you and get an idea how they are run and details of the fee structure.

If you find your favorite school missing from this list please drop me a note in the comments section below this page, Thank You.

P.S: The author has no commercial interest in any of the companies mentioned.
The information is as up-to-date as possible at the time of writing.



  1. This is a good information. Please keep it updated with new schools and institute. Thank you.

  2. Great compilation.
    This is great infor for job seekers. They don't need to go to each school's website for finding the email address.

    BTW, are there any websites for these schools too?

  3. It will be wonderful if u provide websites of these schools as well so that it can be easy for people to get info for any particular school:)

  4. Easy way of getting to know the schools in jeddah..

    thanks a lots ..this site of great help to me...

  5. Thank you for the information!!!!

  6. are there any australian schools in jeddah?

  7. ABC Al Hassan International School

    Location: Enquire by phone.
    Phone: 0553469715, 6988827

    Advanced Generations Schools
    The School is located in the Al Faiha district (Old Airport area)in the heart of Jeddah city with close proximity to King Abdulaziz University campus.The school is housed in a new building constructed exclusively for the purpose.
    Location: Old Airport Road, Jeddah
    Tel: 02 6304999
    Fax: 02 2600909

    German International School

    Location: Al Rabwah, Prince Majid St., Nada Village
    Tel: 6913584, 6918810

    Global International School

    Global International School is an independent school open to all expatriates in the Jeddah community.
    Location: Al Ruwais, Behind Baroom Centre.
    Tel: 6525054, 6523444
    Fax: 6522926

  8. solved my problem to some xtent. i'm seekng good Islamic school for my kid.can u guide me more?

  9. Any recommendations? I'm interested in JIS, Dar Jana, and Advanced Generations.

  10. Thanx for all the info. Do you have any info on Al Nasser private school in Jeddah?

  11. any one who know about AL Noor Internationl Plz, It is not listed above

  12. It is very useful information provided to those who want contact to any one school in Jeddah.

  13. This is a great piece of job. But it will be wonderful if the shools are differentiated.That is, to let the public know which is a primary and which is a secondary shool.You are wonderful. Thanks alot for this information.

  14. I thank each of you for the suggestions and feedback's on this post! :)

  15. it is a great information... I m looking any good bt reasonable national montessori for my three daughters can u suggest any near by azizia but it should be economical

  16. Thanks a lot,I was. Searching for a goodschool in jeddah,will please provide exact time for admissions,as one of my child is 6th standard,another in 3rd standard and theyougest
    In lkg.thanku hoping the u will suggest.

  17. I'm in Qurtubah Private school. their website is:

    1. In which city I need any school in Madinah

  18. Any special needs school with people with Autism . Schooling system ???? please help

  19. Any special needs school with people with Autism . Schooling system ???? please help

  20. Hope for exceptional needs for autism ... please google the address

  21. Basher, Check out this page:

  22. Thumb up for the tremendous work you are doing. Keep the effort up.
    Could you please add the following school details to your list:
    My Little House and House of Knowledge Schools
    Location: Alhamra/Alandalus distr.
    The schools have provisions from Kindergarten to post 16 Education for boys and girls.
    CIE (British) programme, American diploma along side the KSA National track are on offer.
    Boys - Tel: 6633080 Fax: 2615569
    Girls - Tel:: 6650260 Fax: 6695932

  23. Bader International School, in Jeddah KSA, not in the list please include coz it is one of the best school.

  24. This is the wonderful information providing to the job seekers. It help more in getting the job. Thanks a lot.

  25. are there any centers in Jeddah for learning disabilities to provide occupational or educational therapy?

  26. The two best schools in jeddah are jeddah knowledge international school and British international school they are accredited by the cis the ncis and they are both ib school that pursue excellence in education

  27. hi i am in need of a good indian syllabus school for my daughter....which one will be the best...can any one new to ksa and pls suggest...thank you

  28. Any school international school in Madinah pleased inform me

  29. I know manarth and al aqeeq I want some more school please please open some school in madinah also

  30. Nice effort by putting this info on one website.

  31. hi
    Could you advise me
    I'm getting married for the Egyptians, and he lives in Saudi Arabia
    I am a Muslim Alhamdulillah but ceska
    I have 3 children and the oldest son is 4 years
    I plan to go to saudi for one year
    but do not know how there going to be a school for my children
    They speak only czech language
    Can anyone advise me in this direction
    what to do and how to proceed
    I know from school jsoou too expensive
    Is there any chance that my children can go to school normally in Saudi Arabia

  32. Hi , I am in GHIS (Green hills international school ) , its really good and cheap . Btw I am grade 10

  33. hay dears,
    I need a job in GHIS , is there any vacancy ?

  34. My daughter will enter senior high school after a year. I am looking for a private international school offering grade 11 and grade 12 level. any recommendations please.
    thank you in advace

  35. It's that time in any parents nightmare , choosing the school for your kids , narrowed down to Jeddah knowledge international school or Dar Jana international school ?

    Worried and lost parent ( parents : half Saudi / half Lebanese )

    Advise plssssssssss

  36. Hi , I moving soon to Saudi Jeddah , I m trying to found the schools that can provide French curriculum , can you support me

  37. we are planning to move from usa to Jeddah , how is environment I n american international school , is it not at all Islamic, is there any outstanding Islamic American curriculum school , plz help me.


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