Weekend at the Panorama Mall in Riyadh

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One of the main activities ladies look forward for the weekend is to Shop, Dine & Enjoy. Nothing else can be quite as fun and relaxing! There are a number of Malls in Riyadh, some of which are among the finest in the world; The Panorama Mall is one of these kinds that provide all the fun and satisfies your shopping needs as well. It’s considered the most happening place in Riyadh where everyone tends to hang out. Last weekend I went there, the parking lot was almost packed! The mall had families swarming in from early in the evening.

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Location: Intersection of Takhassusi & Tahliya road, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Located at one of the luxurious areas in Riyadh, and it being constructed according to the latest international specifications and standards, Panorama is considered to be unique and matchless among the rest of the malls in Riyadh. This mall will catch your eye for its distinctive design. As you can see in the picture below its quite long, making it a great place to walk for exercise.
Like every other mall, unaccompanied males are prohibited from entering. Males are allowed to enter only if accompanied with a female. Smoking is not allowed. This mall maintains tight security with safe administration and operation so as to provide the visitors with all conveniences.

Panorama includes the following entities:
  • Hypermarket.
  • Amusement Park!!!
  • Food Court.
  • Around 236 carefully chosen commercial & service shops.
  • Car Parking Zone.
  • Ladies SPA & Entertainment Section
Panorama has the widest variety of differing luxury branded shops. I also like the fact that this mall has a Jarir bookstore. And typical of large malls, it has a Danube grocery store as well.

For the entertainment buffs, the mall boasts of an Amusement Park – The Metropolis Time Factory which I must say is simply awesome! You will be amazed at what you find. Its heydays there! There’s a range of games for kids from 3 to 16 years old. In addition to all the fun games, you’ll find kids climbing up the trekking pillar, a 5D movie theatre, PaintBall section for kids and an indoor ice-skating rink which is the largest in the kingdom. It’s fun to sit by and watch the skaters as they pass by. What I liked about this place is the way it has been maintained, 3 cheers for the people maintaining it. Everything seemed quiet neat and clean.

After hours of roaming in the mall, you are bound to feel hungry. Panorama has several restaurants within and a Food Court as well that offers different varieties of cuisines to tickle each ones taste bud. I’ve been to “Trader Vic”, the new kid in town. It’s an Upscale Restaurant. The ambience and Service is just great! Must Visit!

What more can I say about Panorama, The Rest is for you to decide. Try it out; I’m sure the experience will take your breath away. Enjoy & do share your experience!

P.S: The author has no commercial interest in any of the companies mentioned.
The information is as up-to-date as possible at the time of writing.

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  1. its my must go for weekly groceries shopping.. the danube is got everything, the boys and kids can go jarir, then we can get mango food for take away... everyone's happy and got what they need..

  2. Sounds convenient, all the errands covered at 1 place! :)

  3. The place I like is Lulu Hypermarket near the passport office..their super market is just awesome...n they have fresh cooked food area in side the supermarket itself

  4. About the paintball...any specifications?? Like can females just go there or is reservations necassary ??

  5. Can anyone tell me what is right and left side of tommy hilfiger in panorama mall


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