Children Festival at LUSH - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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Last week I went to attend an event at the LUSH Store that was specially organized for Kids. LUSH is a renowned cosmetics company that offers a complete range of handmade bath and body products comprising of lotion, soap, shampoo, hair and face products. It’s 100% vegetarian, formulated without artificial colors and scents. Visit the plaza floor of Al Faisaliah mall and you are sure not to miss this store which draws passersby with sensational fragrances from within.

The 2 hour children festival conducted here was open to parents and kids of all ages. The program comprised of a couple of interesting activities that kept kids engaged. To start with children were provided with LUSH’s 4-in-1 multi-purpose product titled “FUN” which everyone busily squeezed and molded into crazy shapes.

FUN comes in five fantastic colors: GREEN, RED, YELLOW, PINK and BLUE, each having its own unique scent! It can be used as a play-doh, moldable soap, shampoo and bubble bath too. To witness it LUSH offered a bubble bathtub and giant bubble wands to play with. It was a pleasant sight to see the kids have fun at this zone of the store.

In addition to healthy refreshments the management also had a juice bike blender installed in the store where kids happily pedaled and prepared themselves healthy smoothies. There were smiling faces of accomplishment at this section.

Before the closing moment, All were gifted a LUSH paper bag that had inside a piece of FUN! It was the perfect give away for kids. Thanks for the invite Sabina! Ann had a good time :)

If you happen to be at Al Faisaliah Mall, don’t forget to drop by LUSH. Their products are alluring, aromatic and great for sensitive skin types too. RUSH to LUSH for special hampers of the month – A seasonal gift for Family & Friends to show you care!

  • FUN is reusable and long lasting.
  • FUN is preservative-free and comes in a biodegradable cellophane wrapper. No matter what color you choose you'll still be using something green.
  • For every bar of FUN purchased LUSH donates 2.5% of the sales to the FUNd, a LUSH initiative which supports charities in Fukushima, Japan that create safe places for children to play outside.
LUSH Handmade Cosmetics
Location: Plaza Floor, Al Faisaliah Mall, Riyadh
Tel: 01 273 4411

P.S: The author has no commercial interest in any of the companies mentioned.
The information is as up-to-date as possible at the time of writing.

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  1. My kids were also there for the event , they had great fun out there.

  2. I also took my daughter to the event, but found it a little too crowded to get to enjoy it to the fullest extent. Thank you for posting the notice for it though! Always looking for something to do with my busy little girl!

  3. I felt the need for more space too! Ann seemed to have a good time though...

  4. Are there any events coming up for kids in Jeddah? Do let me know.

    1. Hi Rami, please join the Facebook page to be notified of events and updates.

  5. Gr8 after seeng them i started remembering my early age.....


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