Parks in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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List of parks in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia:

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Riyadh is filled with parks, some for men and others for families. Here are a few well-known ones:
  1. Diplomatic Quarter
    With its lovely perimeter walk overlooking the Wadi Hanifah, this park has something for every member in the family. There’s a open piazza where families gather at the weekends. Theres a café near by and the kids get to skate board around the paved area. Cycling is allowed all around the Diplomatic Quarter.
  2. Camel’s Eye Park
    This Park is located behind McDonalds’s, near to the camel’s eye rock formation to the west of Sitteen Street. Alas, this attractive park is not open to women! The park is open to men and children from 4:00 - 12:00 on all days except Thursdays. It costs SR2 for men and SR1 for children.
  3. Malaaz Park
    This is a park well matured over the years; it’s located at the left end of Sitteen Street. It consists of few slides and various activities for children.
  4. Olaya Park
    This Park is open all days except Saturdays; Timings are 4-11pm on Sundays and 2-12 pm on Thursdays and Fridays. This cool park is a flowery refuge during the summer season. The entrance fee is SR5 per person.
    Location: It is situated between the King Fahad Highway( turn right as you go south just before the fly-over connection with the Dammam/Makkah Highway) and the Dammam/Makkah Highway (behind the Haif Commercial Center)
  5. Durfa Park
    Take the road to the right as you come towards the royal Saudi airbase (which was the old airport earlier) and you’ll find yourself at Durfa Park. This garden is open to women and children on all days except Saturday. Though it has comparatively lesser trees and flowers than the rest of the parks, this sure is a happening place and is very busy during the weekends. Its open on weekdays from 4-11 pm and weekends from 2-11pm. Adults are charged SR2 and Children SR1.
  6. Al Foutah Park
    On either side of the King Fahad Highway next to the turn-offs to the suq areas, you’ll find a park stretched over several kilometers with lots of trees. It’s filled with greenery and is a good place to spend the evening. This park is free and open to all and is very much used.
Parks are a good place to simply relax and have fun, So Enjoy :)

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The information is as up-to-date as possible at the time of writing.

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