Tour organizers in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

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Looking for tour packages to enlighten the mood of your family and loved ones? New to Saudi and Looking for a guided tour covering an overall view of the country? Today’s post at G2K Saudi Arabia reveals the various tour centers and the packages they provide.

List of Companies to contact for In-Kingdom Tours & Packages:

#1. Sahara Expatriate Tours. Tel: 220 4500 X 1760
This company is considered as the one-day tour specialist in Riyadh which is based at the Sahara Airport Hotel. They provide private tour schemes that take you to the old capital city of Dir’iyyah, Musmak Palace, and give you an overall view of Riyadh. Having a personal guide along the way, makes this tour an excellent introduction for business visitors and new residents.
Sahara’s tour packages include:
  • The National Museum Tour
  • Dessert Fossil Hunt
  • Dessert Diamond Hunt
  • Falcon & Saluki Hunt: includes a lecture, hunt and falcon training session.
  • A day with the Bedouins: a longer tour incorporating falcons, salukis, dune buggies, camel rides, lunch and dinner.
  • Historical & Cultural Riyadh
Sahara arranges camel race tours on the expatriate day that’s celebrated during the janadriyah festival, in February. Group Tours are usually hosted on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Sundays and Mondays are scheduled for night-time tours of Riyadh which would include a guided visit to the King Abdulaziz Historical Center. Most of the Tours usually end with a delicious buffet at the rooftop Panaroma Restaurant in the Sahara Airport Hotel.
Contact Sahara Expatriate Tours on 220 4500 X 1760 for the latest promotions and packages.

#2. Sightseekers. Tel: 055 469772
Sightseekers promote overnight camping tours in the dessert areas outside Riyadh, which includes camel riding. In addition to riding a camel, clients can enjoy Bedouin dancing and singing.
Ad-Ons include:
  • Henna decorations
  • Dinner under the stars
  • A search for desert diamonds
  • And some extraordinary scenery.

#3. ACS. Tel: 482 9604
ACS offers occasional bus tours of Riyadh, al-Faisaliyah Centre, and Diriyyah and also organizes tours to other Middle Eastern countries and beyond.

Saudi Arabia has started to take tourism very seriously and it has been reported that the business community has already invested nearly $7bn in the tourism industry.
Western tourists have started visiting the kingdom in growing numbers. With an excellent and ever evolving network of well signposted and numbered highways, now it’s possible to reach all the major regions and cities of the kingdom by Road. Check out the list below.

Contact Info of other Travel & Tourism Agencies in Saudi Arabia:

  • Aber Travel & Tourism Agency. Tel: 4730075, Fax: 4731445
  • Alburraq Travel & Tourism Agency. Tel: 4767220, Fax: 4740335
  • Al Fahhad Travel & Tourism Agency. Tel: 2634444, Fax: 4553182
  • Al Hanouf Agency for Travel & Tourism . Tel:4645210, Fax: 4021103
  • Almalakia Agency for Travel & Tourism. Tel: 4416060, Fax: 4414010
  • Al-minwal Travel & Tourism Agency. Tel: 4770222, Fax: 4774510
  • Al Sarh Wing Travel & Tourism. Tel: 4770077
  • Bander Tourism & Travel Agency. Tel: 4351479, Fax: 2867613
  • Ben Zeed for Travel & Tour Agency. Tel: 4194688, Fax: 4194023
  • Bin Ghith Travel & Tourism Agency. Tel: 4614477, Fax: 4665037
  • Forsan Travel & Tourism Agency. Tel: 2931023, Fax: 2168774
  • Kingdom Wings Agency for Travel & Tourism. Tel: 4625544, Fax: 4627850
  • Manhal Agency For travel & Tours. Tel: 4653307, Fax: 4622455
  • Naba Tourism & Transport Co. Ltd. Tel: 4708888, Fax: 4708855
  • Najmat Al-mandain Travel & Tour Agency. Tel: 4752222, Fax: 4730395
  • National Office for Travel & Tourism. Tel: 4658177, Fax: 4642216
  • Ratl Travel & Tourism Agency. Tel: 4652001, Fax: 4658089
  • Ruwaibakh Agency For Travel And Tourism. Tel: 4929126, Fax: 2087091
  • Saudi Tourism & Travel Bureau. Tel: 4779081, Fax: 4632136
  • Shajwa Agenccy for Travel & Tourist. Tel: 4776385, Fax: 4772803

P.S: The author has no commercial interest in any of the companies mentioned.
The information is as up-to-date as possible at the time of writing.



  1. can some one provide me the email and postal mail address for MBC-1 TV channel In Jeddah. I need to contact some one in their program name " SABAH ALKHAIR YA ARAB " .

  2. 1. Hey, here's the number of the MBC head quarters in Dubai Media City, try contacting them for the details of their branch in Jeddah. Tel: +971(4)3909971, +971(4)3919999

    2. Or try filling in your query in the contact-us form of their website:

    Lemme know if this helped :)

  3. Here's the Email ID of some one who works at the MBC Head Quarters in Dubai Media City. Try contacting him for the Jeddah branch details.

  4. thanks for the information , I will write to the email of the gentleman working with MBC in Dubai , though I already asked at the website , but they did not replied yet.

    thanks anyway

  5. ahhan so we do have places to tour here:) and what exactly women could do here?
    i bet nothng......

    Oh gawsh i dun know why i m getting rigid:(

    some time riyadh makes u frustated really really frustated:(

    and just a suggestion Anita,u have mentioned about so many places with appropriate description.It could be gr8 if u mention shopping but keeping the status class of may help new comers here:)

    nonz riyadh

  6. I love the desert drive, enjoy the camel rides, the henna decors, and the dancing…my kids just love overnight camping.
    - Sarah.

  7. Nonz, I’ll try to post something on shopping by the end of this month…am in the process of collecting the required information :)
    - Anita.

  8. is the Sahara Expatriate Tour any good? And do I need to bring a male companion? I'm new in Riyadh and was hoping I could find a tour that involves most of the stuff mentioned above. I've always wanted to go to the desert but was too afraid since I haven't made any male friends yet and I wouldn't want to go with my girlfriends and get thrown in jail or something... If Anita or anyone has any info on this particular tour or any other fun Riyadh activity worth mentioning please please pleeease email me at I'm suicidally bored.

  9. heloo there,

    most of the information above are not updated , Sahara is no longer to provide such services . check this company, Jawlah Tours they provide tours around the kingdom

  10. Hi,

    The best way to go to the desert and spend some time is to go with a 4X4 that you drive yourself. PLEASE DO NOT go on your own. Join a group of expats that have experience in this part of the world. I think you will find that there are at least one group out in the desert every weekend. You have to determine if you like the sand or the rocky desert and what it is exactly that you would want to do before you go. You would need some camping gear (it is very cheap in Riyadh).

    Going with a company will take away most of the fun. Talk to the people in your Compound that you can see drives a 4X4 if you have no friends doing this.

    Hope this helps

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