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Attention: Café Ceramique invites everyone to have a taste of artistic pleasure in painting pottery. Check it out, it’s the latest hotspot!

  • Sahara Mall, Riyadh. Tel: 01 4520677

  • Star Avenue Mall, Jeddah. Tel: 02 2754668

  • Email:

    Last week was quiet hectic for me. I needed a break and decided to head towards Sahara mall, one of the most happening places in town. As usual the Mall was crowded; I took the escalator to the top floor and found Café Ceramique on the right. It’s one of the places I’ve heard a lot about and have been waiting to visit but never found the time. Finally I was there browsing through the pottery section on display. What can I say, it’s a great place to dine, chill out and paint your own masterpiece! I spent more than 2 hours there….I can’t remember the last occasion I spent so much time in a coffee shop. I was too busy with my art work that I almost forgot to order :)

    Can’t recommend a better place. What began as a sensation in Dubai now has 2 outlets in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. if you want to spend some quality time with your family this is the right place. What more, you can even make a booking for birthday parties. An artist or not, go ahead and enjoy creating your own masterpiece!

    Guidelines for painting pottery:
    1. Choose It:
    2. Choose a shape from a wide selection of A+ quality bisque’s comprising of mugs, cups, dishes, tiles, moneyboxes, etc. The shop has more than 500 hundred cast and pressed bisque shapes.
    3. Sketch It:
    4. Plan and sketch your design, you can even select a stencil from the gallery of designs available and transfer it to your chosen pottery.
    5. Use It:
    6. Choose your painting tools. There’s a bunch of painting gadgets and materials available to use.
    7. Paint It:
    8. If you trust your skills go ahead and start painting, or approach the staff to teach you a few painting techniques.
    9. Leave It:
    10. Once you are done leave it in the shop for the final touch that undergoes the glazing and burning process.
    11. Own It:
    12. Comeback after seven day’s and pick your own master piece.

    Been to Café Ceramique? Do drop in your comments.

    P.S: The author has no commercial interest in any of the companies mentioned.
    The information is as up-to-date as possible at the time of writing.

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    1. Hi Anita,

      My name is Lolita Menon. I moved into Riyadh couple of months back. All i could find here was more n more of malls and no activity apart from that. i happenend to read ur blog yday and was quiet facinated by Cafe' Ceramique! I visited it yday itself and found out that it is a real cool place. Loved everything abt it, the artefacts, the ambience and the service. Planning to head there the next weekend.

      Do keep the readers posted with your wonderful informative blogs.

      Gud goin!

      Lolita :)

    2. Thank's for dropping a note Lolita, glad you liked the place! :)

    3. Dear Editor,

      I have not come across any other site for Saudi which is so informative.I must say this site "Rocks".I stay in Riyadh along with my family.My son who is a 12 year old goes thru your site mostly and comes up with new places to visit.I must say he is crazy about visiting new places.Keep posting more about Riyadh.

    4. hi anita,

      just relocated to saudi from dubai.ur site is cool .thanx for the information.hope i find a good job here coz sitting at home is not my cup of tea.wish me luck ,

    5. Hi Lalita were you a teacher in VWAHS?


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